Family Business 

Klugo is a family business. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading service, advise and support. Our group of companies have been in business for over 4 decades, and have dedicated ourselves to being the leaders in our industries.  

Klugo is a Family Business as well as member and proud supporter of Family Business Australia.

Klugo’s roots extend from a multi-generational family business, Headland Machinery. Being in business since 1949, we understand the challenges, complexities, determination and entrepreneurial spirit it takes to run a successful family business, not only through the generations, but also extending across multiple industries.

Some Key Challenges for Family Businesses:


Throughout the company and within the family members can be challenging.

Clear KPIs and Accountability

Holding family members accountable needs clear measures and monitoring, ideally through cloud-based systems.

Clear Strategic Direction and Reporting

Klugo has found Family businesses working with associations such as FBA offers companies an opportunity to define and refine their strategic direction and reporting. Additionally, having a financial system in place that enables real time reporting is also necessary.

Successful Generational Transitioning

Moving from one generation to the next and planning can also be overcome with professional advice.