Hygrade Laser Profiling have been in business for over 25 years and are laser cutting specialists in Sydney. They pride themselves on producing quality manufactured products with great service to meet the needs of their local clients. Their quality service extends to not only the customer experience in store but online as well.

Michael White, Managing Director of Hygrade Laser Profiling, decided that their website needed a makeover, to improve user experience and highlight their new services and capabilities. “Our business is moving in a new direction, and we needed our website to reflect our new service offering and machine capability,” Michael says. “The old website was outdated and lacked information for our new and existing clients, plus it increased our admin work. “Now, our new website not only offers information about our brass and copper capability, it also gives people an opportunity to request a quote which has helped to reduce our admin.” he says. After upgrading their website to the latest WordPress platform, IndustryMarké designed a modern website that’s user-friendly. Customers can request a quote online, which means Hygrade can forecast accurate lead times for projects and provide costs before project. We hope to automate this through to our machinery in the future. Michael White already has his sights set on phase two of the website which will enable greater efficiency for his business as well as his customers. “Phase two of our website will include a portal where customers can get a quote,  place orders, update their details and more. “Being able to automate these processes will save us a huge amount of time. “Instead of being caught up on endless amounts of paperwork, we can focus on providing our customers with quality products and growing our business,” Michael says. For more information on Hygrade Laser Profiling, visit their website here.