My Experience as an Intern in Australia

I heard from so many people how exciting Australia would be. So I decided to go on this adventure once high school was over. I decided that before I start university, I wanted to learn about my chosen field in another country. I didn’t want to waste time with just travelling around, so I decided to connect this country and my future occupation with an internship in Melbourne. I see an Internship as an advantage for my learning, not just for study, but also for my career later on. While searching for an internship I found a company called Headland Machinery. They work hand in hand with a German laser machine manufacturing company called TRUMPF as well as many other machine tool brands. I chose Headland because this company is connected with a number of different machine tool brands all over the world and because of this, it can offer me many opportunities. When looking for the right place to undertake my internship, I considered a few options. I felt that big companies tend to not engage with you as much, so I opted to go for a business that was medium size; this is why Headland was the perfect fit for an internship. At Headland you are considered part of the team and you are encouraged to support other team members in their every day work. Might I add, you also get your own projects to work on.

I heard from a friend that Headland is a great company to intern with, as it can offer many amazing experiences for students like me.

My trip to Australia began in October. It was a complete new world, over 14,000 kilometres away from home. One of my first impressions was how huge this country is and how genuinely nice the people are here. After my first visit to the city, I realised that Melbourne is clearly my favourite. The best aspects of Melbourne are all the nice, green parks and the Yarra River in the heart of Melbourne, which makes the city so liveable. Melbourne has so many events you certainly don’t get bored here. The start of the internship was easy for me and I was immediately made to feel part of the team. Due to the many different and somewhat, challenging tasks the last few months have passed so fast. I’ve never worked in a marketing department, so it was completely new for me.  Admittedly I quickly became familiar with the tasks. I was assigned to help the marketing area with the mail outs, as well as for the upcoming exhibitions. I also had to create Facebook pages and update customer information, write blog posts for the website as well as set up Google Adwords. We can see Adwords every time we search in Google. It is hard work to create all these Ads for a company as you need to make sure you get all the keywords right.

All in all, I’m glad that I chose an internship. It prepares you for study or work and ensures you have chosen the right career path.

You get lots of practical experience, which you won’t get in University. Internships look great on your resume. Having experience means you will most likely get the job above anyone else. My favourite part of the week would have to be Friday afternoons pending weekly updates with the team. I think it’s great to once again see the progress of the week and sit all together and talk about our weekend plans. I also liked the Christmas celebrations, which included a lawn bowling adventure in Burwood and Kris Kringle. It so happened that everyone kept stealing my Kris Kringle (I really will make it known in Germany). The city offers so much variety and events that will make it hard to go home. In my spare time, I was able to visit the Holi Festival of Colours, Stereosonic , The Asian Cup, Flemington Racecourse, and The  Australian Open. The Grand Prix and Future Music Festival are still on my to do list. There are now only two months left in Melbourne before I travel around in Australia and then I will eventually make my way back home. I have met many new people and saw many new things, that I will never forget this experience!