With more businesses moving towards cloud computing, one of the common misconceptions is whether cloud security and privacy details will be compromised. Often, we hear the question “will my privacy and security details be compromised if I access information through the cloud?” Our resounding answer = NO. As a research paper conducted by the Aberdeen Group suggests, clients using cloud computing and cloud software had substantially lower security issues than on-premise clients. Their research found that cloud-based clients had:

  • 58% fewer malware (malicious software) over the last 12 months
  • 93% fewer audit deficiencies
  • 45% less security-related downtime
  • 45% fewer incidents of data loss or data exposure

NetSuite End-to-End Data Security

Architected from its inception to provide thorough security measures throughout the application, NetSuite aims to deter any attack that would jeopardise the integrity of a customer’s data. A one-system-solution, NetSuite was built in accordance with state of the art secure data centre and in line with internal controls built into the NetSuite product itself. Data management  NetSuite’s product infrastructure helps assure you of business continuity, and in addition daily back-up tapes of all data are securely housed remotely. N +1 Systems  Many layers in the NetSuite system implement an N+1 system of redundancy. This design allows one or more elements to fail without any interruption in service by having multiple, redundant systems online to automatically assume processing on behalf of the failed component. Hot Backups  All production data is stored immediately to redundant locations. Of course, all data is stored to reliable tape media as well, but for fast recovery times in the event of a system-level disaster, daily hot backups give NetSuite the ability to restore your data rapidly and reliably. Offsite Tapes All customer data is automatically backed up and prepared for offsite tape storage daily. Tapes are taken offsite to a secure location that is designed to safeguard tapes under almost any environmental condition. The offsite facility exceeds industry storage requirements and is 100 miles away from the data centre. Scalability  NetSuite has designed its systems to accommodate surges and spikes in usage, and to scale upward smoothly to address increased volume and transactions. Thus, you can also be confident that NetSuite is designed to accommodate dynamic and continuous growth.