Taking Control of Customer Experience through NetSuite

We sat down with our resident industry expert Tania Large to discuss how to ensure you are meeting customer expectations and how NetSuite can help you achieve this.

What does customer satisfaction mean to you? We have all been there, walking into a store, being greeted by the staff and being made to feel special. To me that is what customer satisfaction is. Making me want to shop time and time again with a particular brand because they have gone above and beyond to make my experience with them unique. Customer satisfaction is about having a good customer experience and meeting their expectations. How does NetSuite help businesses improve customer satisfaction/expectations? There are a number of business systems out there that can aid a business with improving customer service. But, for me NetSuite has something that no other has. The value proposition that we talk to clients about is having one system. It doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, sales, your finance team, your customer service team, your technicians in the field, the customer is interacting with the entire business over time. So, having one system, will allow you to capture all of those touch points and service them better. So, how does that affect customer service? Well, by having visibility on what’s going on with that customer at any one point of time, you can better service that customers needs. If you didn’t have that one system you potentially have a scenario where finance is going “Mr customer why aren’t you paying your bill? It’s 60 days overdue.” All the while there is a service issue going on and the customer isn’t paying because they are annoyed about that. Not having the knowledge of what’s going on in the customer’s world creates an unsatisfying customer experience. The client will expect you to know, so it’s best to have your facts straight before interacting with your customers. Good business management solutions actually give you that visibility – you are able to see the customer from every angle in real-time. How can retailers benefit from NetSuite? Customers are the number one priority no matter the industry or business. For retailers, creating a unique and customised buying journey is essential if they want to keep consumers and keep them loyal. Importantly, you need this experience to be fluid across all channels. The retail solution is what we call an omni-channel solution, so again one system regardless of how the customer is interacting with you. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced is the premium website module (eCommerce platform). Customers can shop online if it’s B2C and B2B environment, and they can login via a portal with information about past purchases, invoices and delivery address already saved, so the experience is unique to you. SuiteCommerce In-Store takes it to the next level for a retail environment. It’s essentially a Point of Sale but we like to call it ‘Point of Commerce’ because it operates on the same platform, completely integrated with all other aspects of the business. You have the ability to see  information about the customer on the shop floor – it might be  their wish lists or their shopping history (what they are interested in, what they have previously purchased, returned etc). For most retailers this information is gold. It’s really useful because when the customer walks in the door you know what they have bought before and you can see what they are interested in looking at. It makes for a more meaningful conversation on the shop floor. The most exciting part about SuiteCommerce In-store is that you are walking around with an iPad. The sales assistant can actually go to the customer and serve them then and there, and serve up everything the customer was interested in online. Retailers who have high-value goods have to make tough choice about what products to stock and display, which presents a considerable investment, potentially just on one product line. Having a visual mobile tool with all the options means you may only need to stock the best sellers but be able to showcase that item in every colour. Sales assistants can check stock across the network or make a sale knowing the supplier can drop ship directly to the customer within an acceptable lead time. This type of sales tool is the modern shopping experience all of us desire and it’s personalised shopping at it’s best. It’s also very accessible for Aussie Retailers.

NetSuite Benefits for Retailers:

There are choices for retailers out there but nothing that compares to the NetSuite product. NetSuite is a renowned ERP platform that has a great POS system. There’s nothing on the market that’s connected to the back office like NetSuite is. NetSuite’s key features for managing customer satisfaction:

  • Inventory visibility.

  • Business intelligence.

  • System consolidation.

  • Global scalability

  • Streamlined shipping and order fulfillment.

  • Real-time data.

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