Decade of Experience Providing Advice and the Right Solution to Retailers

Technology plays a big part in the way customers purchase from your store.  Undoubtedly, there has been a shift worldwide for retailers as consumers are turning to online shopping, but successful retailers have the right mix of online and stores. Keeping up with these ongoing changes to the industry, our in-house retail expert understands the challenges retailers and franchise systems face on a daily basis and the tools to gain a competitive advantage. Tania Large has had over a decade of experience working in IT, ERP/CRM and Omni-channel systems within the retail sector. She understands the pain points businesses go through and is able to provide advice and a solution to mitigate risk whilst providing a competitive edge. “Retail has changed dramatically – consumers now want personalised experiences tailored to their needs,” Tania says. “When I go to meet retailers, they usually tell me the same story: ‘we don’t have continuity across our channels’ or we have multiple systems in place so we are duplicating our processes’. “For businesses that want to succeed in a modern consumer environment, it’s fundamental that they assess their systems and processes currently in place. “It’s starting to become more difficult for retailers to keep up with new trends and customer insights because they have antiquated systems resulting in static information instead of real-time visibility,” she says.

There are some retail organisations that have been in the industry for decades and most of them believe that their existing systems will stand the test of time, afraid of investing in systems to innovate their customer experience. What they don’t understand is that technology is continually evolving and those who don’t embrace technology change will be left behind.

“Technology has come a long way and retailers need to plan for the future, they need to be questioning themselves:

  • Is my system going to grow with my business?

  • Can I make business decisions in real time?

  • Do I have visibility over all financial entities and channel performance in one central place?

  • Are their better tools out there to improve my customer’s shopping experience?

  • What value could I put back into the business if all my business systems were in one system?

“As a consumer and retail expert, I’m acutely aware of what products are available to Australian retailers. There is only one business management system out there that ticks all the boxes for retailers, and that’s NetSuite,” Tania says. To get in touch with Tania email her at [email protected] or connect with her on LinkedIn here.