What are the benefits of SaaS ERP?

Did you know: An Internet connection is all you need! In the past, businesses commonly relied on traditional on-premise systems, with a complicated infrastructure that caused more problems than it’s worth when trying to connect remotely. A SaaS ERP system is the alternative to solve your business frustrations, giving your staff the resources to ‘plug in’ and connect to files seamlessly through the shared cloud structure over the Internet. NextService is SaaS available on-demand on any device with an Internet connection via a secure log in, eliminating the need to open separate individual applications or processes. With SaaS, everything you require to manage your opportunities, orders and operations are integrated into the one SaaS ERP solution. Integrated into NetSuite, the world’s #1 ERP system, NextService is a fully integrated mobile solution, giving you 24/7 mobile access to a complete end-to-end parts management system.

Benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) system:

High adoption rate from increased mobility SaaS applications such as NextService are accessible from any device through the Internet. This means your field service personnel are able to connect via their smartphone or tablet device, no matter where they are. NextService provides 24/7 real-time access to the service dashboard tools, including logging travel times on-the-go and capturing customer signatures upon job completion for billing delays. Lower initial costs Thanks to it’s cloud-based building block, NextService and other SaaS applications have lower initial costs because the need for IT infrastructure including hardware, software and the people needed to manage it is removed. Seamless upgrades  Similarly, upgrading SaaS systems is simplified and easily done through the cloud. Gone are the days of expensive one-time use CD upgrades, or patches to download or install. True integration Fully integrated into NetSuite, the world’s #1 ERP solution, NextService is a cloud-based field service management system where you can manage all your account services through the one dashboard view for easy scheduling, parts management and complete workforce automation. www.nextservicesoftware.com