Some businesses are still using ERP systems that are “two versions behind the current release, which may be four years old or more,” according to Forrester Research. The use of older systems may be convenient for your company to keep but in actual fact they can be doing your business harm. As the world is innovating quicker than we all expected, you will begin to fall behind if you don’t take action and invest in a new ERP system. This white paper from NetSuite covers 8 reasons why legacy ERP is harming your business:

  • Legacy ERP drains the innovation from your IT budget
  • Business regulations demand fluidity; Brittle and outdated ERP fails to keep peace
  • Aging ERP is a drag on business velocity
  • Mobile workforce battles immobile and outdated ERP
  • Centralised old ERP hampers the increasingly decentralised business
  • Legacy ERP fails to satisfy the appetite for real-time information
  • Stone age ERP walls your business off from suppliers, channels and customers
  • Old ERP is a barrier between your employees and self-service