Connect Your Entire Business 

Using vertical storage and a cloud technology, connect your entire business, from back office to front office processes. NetSuite treats each vertical storage machine as a location in your warehouse/s and immediately depletes stock, driving procurement and demand planning processes.

What’s the value of your warehouse being connected to your ERP?  

If your vertical storage machines are not connected to your core business management platform, then you will have a fragmented, paper-based, inventory management process. When stock is used, it’s not immediately updated within your inventory replenishment or financials.

About NetSuite

NetSuite is a cloud-based, business management platform, enabling you to manage your entire value chain, from marketing & sales, demand planning and procurement, assembly, supplier management, warehouse management, inventory control, pick, pack & ship – all impacting your operational business intelligence and financials in real-time.

Benefits of Having Your Business Fully Connected

Here are some statistics our customers have achieved through implementing NetSuite and connecting to their vertical storage:  

Tech Review

If you’re not sure that your business is ready for NetSuite, a free tech review could be just what you need. We’ll look at your existing infrastructure and provide you with a high-level report with the next steps to take.