A compliance management process is a critical requirement of all businesses, involving every business function and department. Often a manual task with mountains of paperwork, compliance checks often consist of keeping and coordinating multiple data sets – spreadsheets, documents and emails which can be reliable, prone to human error or misplacement, leading to data duplication, information gaps and wasted resources.

The 2016 Dreamworld accident is a strong reminder of what can happen when compliance processes fail. Workplace Health and Safety Australia’s investigation identified seven critical issues that had been missed during compliance and safety checks.

Craig Davidson, CEO, Dreamworld agreed that breaches identified by WHS required system and process changes to address. Businesses need a structured compliance and risk management process that’s embedded in their core technology system. NetSuite is a cloud-based, unified business management system that underpins the entire business operation, and can manage safety and compliance without data duplication and the need for manual additions. Intelligent and proactive workflows, schedules, attendance and the completion of critical tasks in order to ensure their compliance processes are simplified, rigorous and risk free. Is your system up to the task?

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