Over the past 20 years, the technology available to a Wholesale Distribution organisation has increased far beyond any reasonable expectations. With the rise in technology, the term ERP has been used and abused as one size fits all solution to any businesses problem. Whilst this technology, in the past served to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance, procurement, supply chain and warehousing departments within Wholesale Distribution organisations, they have never quite managed to tie all departments together in order to gain maximum organisational efficiency. What is BMP? A Business Management Platform (BMP) is a one system solution that incorporates all elements of the business for a single view, such as HR, Payroll, Marketing, ECommerce, CRM, Project Management or Service Management. This is critical to be able to view the company as a whole, especially in current times when disruption of an industry is becoming the norm. Whilst ERP technology has served to improve some key processes within an organisation, the ability to capture, analyse and make decisions upon data in outlying areas of the business, such as HR, Payroll, Marketing, ECommerce, CRM, Project Management or Service Management is becoming increasingly important. Limitations of ERP Wholesale Distributors who currently, or aspire to expand their operations into Online Retail have been met with limitations due to the ‘on premise’ nature of their current ERP solutions. The ability to have live data between back-office and eCommerce platforms is crucial in managing the lead to cash, to dispatch cycle for online ordering. It’s also important to track in real-time stock levels and the impact of online sales to inventory levels. Only a BMP with the ability to extend functionality to online commerce can effectively manage this problem, and ensure both Wholesale and Retail streams of the business can operate smoothly. A cloud-based BMP is essential to Wholesale Distributors to maximise organisational efficiency and compete with or be an industry disruptor.   Author Michael Dean, Klugo Business Consultant specialising in Wholesale Distribution. If you would like to get in touch with Michael, email him at [email protected] or connect with him on LinkedIn.