From the beginning, the five NetSuite functions set out to improve the most important processes of a business, wrapping up all enterprise functions in a single database, application and version of code. With NetSuite, integration is integral to the product and its future success.

Five Key NetSuite Functions Include:

1. Accounting and Operations

Financials are the core of any company and a well-designed system will ensure all your office processes are intertwined with one another. NetSuite includes financials, fulfilment, inventory, time and billing, HR and more. Integration between these functions will help to drive efficient processes across the entire customer cycle.

2. CRM

Now more than ever, it is imperative to have a complete 360-degree view of your customer, ensuring you meet customer and business expectations. NetSuite unifies sales force automation, customer support, opportunity management and renewal/upsell management for project accountability from start to finish.

3. eCommerce

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce provides the platform for any business to create their very own online store. Through this channel, it is critical to employ tried and tested inventory integration, accounting, sales and support tools to manage effective business growth.

4. Business Intelligence

NetSuite provides real-time dashboard management for operational, tactical and strategic intelligence across the business from a single system of record. Easily customised for analytical capabilities, the result is a manageable system for all levels of the organisation to use. Specifically, Field Service Management is offered through NextService.

5. Business Process Management

Creating, streamlining and altering business processes is an important part of continuing momentum for both new and established businesses. NetSuite is a platform that allows for customisation and workflow automation across finance, sales, marketing, service and more.