Over the past 20 years, the speed at which companies do business has dramatically accelerated. Nowadays, businesses are using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to support growth and provide seamless, efficient operations. Without the right system in place, it could cost your businesses millions. It’s worth spending the time not only understanding your ERP system but fully maintaining it. This is where Nike famously went wrong, and they subsequently lost $100 million in revenue. How can your business leverage cloud technology? At Klugo, we want to make sure that you’ve got a solid IT plan in place and that you’re leveraging the new age of cloud technology.  We’ll look at what you are or aren’t doing, identify areas of opportunity, and make recommendations on how you can use cloud technology. Is your business at risk with your current systems? If you answer yes to one or more of the following, you’ll need our free technology review.

  1. Do you rely on manual processes and suffer from issues such as data duplication?
  2. Do your current systems lack financial capabilities?
  3. Does your ROI meet the expected ROI?
  4. Do you have multiple systems that can’t be integrated with one another?
  5. Do users complain that your current systems are taking too long or are too hard to use?
  6. Do you suffer from regular customer data problems?

Your free Technology Review: Our technology review provides your business with an overview of your IT systems, identifies any gaps, highlights any risks in your business, and explains how cloud technology is transforming traditional business systems. Furthermore, we deliver a document that outlines a clear IT plan for the future that leverages cloud technology.

  • A two hour consultation on premise or remotely.
  • Review of your existing IT systems, processes and documentation.
  • Identification of areas of risk and opportunity.
  • A detailed report with recommendations and priorities to navigate cloud technology.

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