The Great Debate: Integrated Business System vs. Siloed Applications

When starting out, it’s easy for new companies to settle for stand-alone pieces of software that fill the requirement, as fast and as cheap as possible. But as companies expand and penetrate larger markets, they often run into a wall where traditional processes cannot keep up with new demand. And while it is fantastic that new opportunities arise, running a business from disparate systems will often create operational inefficiencies that leave staff and customers scratching  their heads.

So the great debate continues: Is an integrated business system, or concurrently running applications better for your business?

When running old software iterations, 66% of users miss out on upgraded features and benefits, often spending up to five times the amount to maintain expensive software licenses. Often fragmented, or poorly integrated, on-premise systems are also more likely to drain time and costs from company resources who maintain the service in-house. An integrated cloud business management software suite such as NetSuite gives the flexibility to scale up or down as you need it, specifically designed to accommodate for the rise and fall of usage.