Global brands like Haier are starting to make waves in the Australian HVAC market. Bigger companies entering the building services market will widen the gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts. The HVAC industry is a long-established industry. More agile, tech-savvy start-ups are challenging the traditional giants in this sector, but how are they staying ahead of the curve? Service-driven contractors, offering excellence in both technical and people skills will flourish.

Digital disruptions and Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital disruptors include; smart facades, solar cooling and greater use of evaporative cooling technologies. IoT-enabled HVAC usually takes the form of smart thermostats and sensors monitoring environmental changes and communicating back and forth with your HVAC equipment, dynamically adjusting temperature as needed. By opting for cloud-based architecture and infrastructure, businesses can scale and connect easily to other systems and devices. A flexible IoT platform accommodates a change in a world of digital disruption. Does your HVAC business have future-proof plans in place to embrace digital change?

Stand out and Command a Price Premium

Real-time data metrics integrating your entire business operations give you – and your technicians the information needed to make business decisions, respond to current demands – not historical data, and offer a more personalised service to customers. Redefine your operations and better compete in today’s digital world with a cloud-based business management platform. Today, NetSuite is leading the way, providing a fully integrated solution, enabling complete transparency across customers, financials, engineers and technicians. Using a cloud platform allows businesses to cost-effectively manage operations – including your field service technicians and engineers.

Why Choose NetSuite?

Specifically tailored to HVAC manufacturing and installation, NetSuite supports product development in the IoT space and provides customer insights to better drive customer engagement, eliminate discrepancies, reduce costs and waste, and see end-to-end part and order management.

Empowered Field Services

Do you service the equipment you distribute? You’ll need NextService, an easy-to-use field service software system native to NetSuite. NextService field service software for HVAC saves businesses time, gain full customer transparency, order parts in the field, invoice customers on the job to avoid customer queries and payment delays and equip your technicians with a system that enables them to provide optimum customer service. NextService manages all aspects of field service delivery management from job scheduling, customer information, inventory, service reviews, warranties and billing.

Free Business Process Review

Ask for a free business process review. We’ll investigate your existing infrastructure and provide a report outlining steps you can take to stand out in HVAC. Our technology review provides your business with an overview of your IT systems, identifies gaps and highlights risks in your business and illustrates how cloud technology can transform traditional business systems. At the conclusion, we deliver a high-level report that outlines an IT plan for your future that leverages cloud technology.