Integration, automation and smart technologies are all trends expected to shape the HVAC industry in 2018, and competition is increasing inline with the growth of residential and commercial construction across Australia. Successful companies in the industry are seizing these new opportunities and embracing technological change by using cloud-based HVAC business software that provides visibility of all stock and inventory, improved efficiencies and responsiveness, seamless scheduling of jobs in real-time, and optimum customer service.

Three Key Trends Impacting HVAC Industry in 2018

1. Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling HVAC businesses to equip systems with Wi-Fi capabilities and built in apps. As data is now digitised, components within HVAC systems can communicate, which means scheduled maintenance and repairs are made easier for field service staff with access to multiple system parameters; temperature sensor readings, operation status, operation mode, EV (electronic expansion valve) position, compressor status, and more.

2. Automation

While automation within the HVAC industry isn’t necessarily a new focus, it’s set to become bigger than ever before in 2018. HVAC businesses taking full advantage of automation are achieving greater consistency and optimisation, and are spending less time running unnecessary maintenance or duplicating data. With the assistance of smart technologies and integrated systems, companies are seeking cost-effective, cloud-based HVAC business software to automate processes and reporting, and gain full visibility across the business in order to provide excellent customer service.

3. Smart Technologies

To meet high customer demand, the need for accuracy is more important than ever. Smart technologies mean that adjustments can be made remotely, saving long-term costs for businesses and ensuring business processes are as efficient as possible. An example of this can be seen in smart thermostats, where temperature can be controlled and adjusted remotely through wireless networks. This gives businesses the ability to monitor system performance and achieve higher energy savings.  

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