Digital disruption is seeing the use of apps in the medical industry rapidly increase. Healthcare is becoming more customer-centric – and with medical device companies like Koch Disruptive Technologies entering the market, the gap between lower quality commodity service and true experts is becoming more evident than ever.

Internet of Things (IoT) in the Medical World

Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the medical world. According to the Medical Internet of Things and Big Data in Healthcare report, by 2020, 40% of IoT-related technology will be health-related, which is more than any other sector – making up a $117 billion market. This is set to transform the current healthcare industry as we know it today, curbing costs, reducing inefficiencies and saving lives. IoT in medical industry is seeing the use of apps and cloud technology rapidly increase.

Is Your Business Future Proof?

Customers are now ‘always on and always connected’ through their mobile devices and great customer experience is defined by access to digital and online information. Excellent customer experience drives customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and repeat business. Paper trails, inconsistent processes, or incomplete information limit your ability to personalise your service offering and provide optimum customer service. Real-time data metrics integrating your entire business operations give you – and your technicians the information needed to make business decisions, respond to current demands – not historical data, and offer a more personalised service to customers. Have you thought about how your business will adapt to these industry changes, or innovate your products to compete? IoT is all around us and Aussie businesses need to embrace it, and quickly if you want to stay relevant. Find out how cloud technology is helping Gallay Medical and Scientific.

Free Business Process Review

Our business process review provides your business with an overview of your IT systems, identifies any gaps, highlights any risks in your business, and explains how cloud technology is transforming traditional business systems. Furthermore, we deliver a high-level report that outlines a clear IT plan for the future that leverages cloud technology.

  • 2 hour consultation – on premise or remotely.
  • Review existing IT systems, processes and documentation.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities.
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