It’s no secret that new technology in the HVAC industry is seeing more businesses make the move to a paperless workplace. Clean, green, efficient and cost-effective – what’s not to like? According to Clean Up Australia, we use more than 4.2 million tonnes of paper annually in this country, but this is starting to change. Once the backbone of businesses, we’re seeing more and more organisations ditching the paper in favour of digital solutions, and they’re reaping the cost benefits.

Aussies want to connect digitally

Paper-based transactions are a thing of the past. They’re unreliable, slow and inconvenient. Nowadays, people want quick, easy, seamless experiences from anywhere they like – computer, tablet or smartphone device. Satisfied customers equal repeat business and referrals.

Minimise competition 

55% of consumers say that they would choose businesses that offer cloud-based customer self-service tools over those who don’t. With this in mind, you could lose half of your customers purely for this reason.

Time = money

Think how much time is wasted printing, scanning and faxing documents – or when a document is lost, incomplete or not in good order. Going digital and embracing new technology in  means you’re freeing up yours and your team’s time to focus on the customer and business strategy.

Secure data 

It’s a common misconception that data isn’t secure if it’s stored digitally – however, storing confidential customer data in the cloud is actually much safer than using paper. This is because all data is stored in one central location and secured with the same level of encryption used by the banking industry – unlike on paper, which can be easily lost or destroyed. This is also a better option for disaster recovery, where you can store multiple digital copies of your data in different physical locations, so if a disaster strikes, your business applications and data are unaffected if they’re hosted in the cloud.

Why not find out for yourself?

If you’re interested in ditching the paper and going digital, but you’re not sure where to start, why not download our NetSuite for HVAC Product Guide?