Winding Down for the Year can Often Feel like an Acceleration to the Finish Line.

But 2016 has already started and many people forget that.

  • How is your forward order bank for January and February? Many of those sales needs to be booked this side of Christmas.
  • Do you have a restart plan that ensures that you hit 100% DIFOT on Day One?
  • Will you repeat a safety induction before everyone starts on Day One? (Risk of injury after a break is higher)
  • Do you have a Marketing Plan and activity already in play for January?

We can often miss a lot of these items as we are exhausted by the year and looking forward to a break. The danger is that we think of Christmas as a finish line and once we cross it we can stop. The reality is that Christmas is just the handover of the baton from one section of the relay race to the next. And when you come back from Christmas you need to be at full speed from Day One.

Set your business up now for a great restart!