Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are improving the way manufacturers facilitate their business operations.

This study looks at top performing organisations and how they utilise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to “improve and integrate processes across the enterprise, reducing costs and enhance visibility from decision makers.” ERP systems are the backbone of  a business. It integrates all facets of a business from product design to logistics and sales.  The system “facilitates the integration of shop floor operations with processes such as order entry, estimating, shipping, inventory management, purchasing and scheduling, Establishing a culture of collaboration through technology fosters the constant feedback needed for project based manufacturing.” To to view this white paper on the Aberdeen website click here, and learn tips on maximising operational effectiveness:

  • Standardising and streamlining processes to reduce costs and delays
  • Selecting an ERP configuration that meets the specific needs of industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Foster collaboration and integration across the line of business and job functions
  • Using ERP to maximising the effectiveness of S&OP and demand planning