Why should your job shop manufacturing business embrace digital technology?

The term “digital technology” is being used everywhere, so it’s important to delve into what it really means. Digital technology is enabling collection and analysis of data in real-time across all connected devices. This is allowing businesses to make clearer, faster and more informed decisions. Digital technology covers a whole spectrum in the manufacturing world; Industry 4.0, Cloud Technology and the Internet of Things. View our cheat sheet. As one of the most complex and challenging of all industry sectors, successful job shop manufacturers are looking to ensure all elements of their business are adopting digital technology.

“We are seeing that job shop manufacturers are starting from the ground-up and researching for the most suitable cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage their shop floor production. “The ability to connect every aspect of the business – from managing bill of materials (BOM), quoting, packaging, shipping, production and dispatch to back office administration – gives job shop manufacturing businesses a competitive edge” Annaliese Kloe, CEO, Klugo.

Industry 4.0

Manufacturers embracing Industry 4.0 will be well placed for greater success in the future. Industry 4.0 is digital transformation applied to manufacturing, introducing the “smart factory” where cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes of the factory. Industry 4.0 is where the supply chain and ERP system directly to the production line, enabling an integrated, automated manufacturing process to make better use of capital, raw materials and human resources. 64% of manufacturers say that they have implemented the basics to use this data for improving operational efficiency and/or quality.

What are the benefits of cloud ERP?

With an extensive range of product features specifically tailored to the needs of job shop manufacturers, NetSuite is the only ERP solution for job shop manufacturers. Cloud ERP boosts productivity, streamlines business operations and enables full transparency across the business. A complete business management suite with modules created solely for the manufacturing industry, this job shop manufacturing software can automate and monitor factory floors, supply chains, inventories, production, shipping, quality control and customer relationship management (CRM). Get in touch today to speak with an expert. For more information, download our NetSuite for Job Shop Manufacturing Brochure below.