Keeping data in the cloud is becoming more and more common. Despite the benefits that come with cloud computing – reduced costs, flexibility and automation to name a few – concerns around cyber security have developed. Some companies express concerns regarding the security of the cloud, fearing that they’ll have less control over confidential data. However, an article written by David Burg and Tom Archer, both principals at PwC in USA, points out that “applications and data maintained in the cloud can be more secure than data held in on-premises corporate systems.”

How cloud technology is combating cyber security (Burg and Archer, 2016)

  • Moving to the right kind of advanced cloud system represents a more dynamic approach to risk.
  • The security of the barriers is based not just on keeping people out, but on watching people who come in. You learn from every use of your data, and even from any attempted attack.
  • You integrate cyber security with marketing, customer service, and logistics, developing a single way of tracking the behaviour of everyone who interacts with your company.
  • With this type of system, the more attacks the cloud faces, the stronger it becomes.

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Burg, D and Archer, 2016, ‘Safety in the Cloud’, Strategy in Business, March 8, 2016 / Summer 2016 / Issue 83.