NetSuite is well-known for enabling businesses’ sales team with unique visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship, from support cases to bills, contracts and inventory. With powerful and customisable real-time dashboards, sales managers and reps using NetSuite gain better insight to sell, upsell, drive renewals.

One core functionality that makes NetSuite even more powerful is the ability to extend the software capabilities through SuiteSolutions scripts. These code snippets extend NetSuite’s functionality to meet industry specific needs.

2019 SuiteSolutions to Accelerate the Sales-Team

These are our top five scripts in the 2019 SuiteSolutions Bundle that can help your sales-team by accelerating your current NetSuite implementation:

1. Auto Charge Credit Card 

Charging customers at fulfilment to improve cash flow.


  • Sales Orders that have credit card payment method applied will automatically be invoiced on fulfilment.
  • The amount billed on the credit card will automatically equal the amount shipped. 

2. Credit Card Re-Authorisation 

Back-orders or custom orders maintain their valid authorisation beyond the authorisation period as well as checking for valid authorisation before the order is shipped.


  • Sales Orders are identified if they require either authorisation or re-authorising.
  • Creation of re-authorisation business rules if required.
  • Scheduled Scripts are used to trigger re-authorisations.
  • Sales Orders that do not have a valid authorisation will display a warning message at the time of fulfilment.

3. Enhanced Validations & Defaulting

The ability to perform validations on sales and fulfillment transactions such as negative inventory, valid customer and item combinations.


  • Create restrictions on which items can be sold to a specific customer.
  • Validation on the quantity entered on sales and fulfilment transactions, so negative inventory does not occur at the specified location.
  • Default customer discounts on sales transactions.

4. Shared Vendor Bills

Expenses can be shared across subsidiaries, locations or departments.


  • Distribute expenses across different subsidiaries, departments, classes, locations or accounts.
  • Define expense distribution schedule at the user’s discretion and assign distribution schedule to bill at the time of vendor bill entry.
  • Flexibility to dictate distribution schedules to either the entire bill or individual line items.
  • Standard or inter-company journal entries are automated generated to reflect distribution for approved vendor bills.

5. Project from Opportunity

An advanced ability to create project record directly from an opportunity record based on preferences that are configurable.


  • Automatically create and update projects based on the probability level of the opportunity.
  • Automatically link opportunities to projects.
  • Users can define what fields are sourced to the project from the opportunity record based on the probability levels.

2019 SuiteSolutions Complete Guide

Download the document with the full 2019 SuiteSolutions Bundle List here:

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SuiteSolutions List

SuiteSolutions scripts provide visibility into key business metrics. If you want to know which scripts can accelerate your NetSuite implementation go to our:

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