Wholesale Distributors are always looking at ways to innovate, keep up to date with industry trends and grow their business. Implementing ERP for distribution companies is becoming more and more common, due to how the cloud is improving business for wholesalers today.

According to a recent survey carried out by Oracle + NetSuite, here are some top concerns among wholesale distributors:

  1. Navigating concerns comes in many forms, with distributors always looking for ways to shield themselves from regulatory changes, rising costs, new competitors and margin pressures. 
  2. Meeting customers’ changing demands: nowadays customers have endless options, so keeping a customer both engaged and loyal for life can be a difficult task.
  3. Manufacturing productivity, where distributors are concerned that manufacturing will be slow to rebound and won’t keep up with manufacturing demands.
  4. Staff not having 24/7 access to systems.
  5. A lack of visibility across the business due to disparate systems.
  6. Keeping up with a faster supply chain; many distributors say they struggle to keep up with an increasingly digital world, from getting clean product data from the manufacturer to implementing the latest technology.

These concerns can ultimately be related back to one factor: having one complete, up-to-date system. NetSuite ERP for distribution companies means that users have a 360-degree of their business in real-time, which provides better service, seamless integration of CRM with financials and other back office systems. In order to tackle an ever-competitive market, users can engage customers with omni-channel commerce to reach them online, by phone, email and in person. Leads are converted to orders, orders are converted to shipments and revenue with NetSuite’s dynamic warehouse and inventory management system, while demand planning is leveraged to manage inventory optimally and seamlessly. Klugo also runs a series of educational luncheons throughout the year in order to discuss changes in modern technology and how you can get on board. If you’d like to know more or attend an event, please get in touch with us – [email protected]