“Making Do” – ERP for Wholesale Distribution

A white paper recently released by Mint Jutras states that less than 60% of wholesale distributors are using systems to fully support critical business processes. Distributors today appear to be “making do” with disparate systems, rather than using software such as Enterprise Resource Planning to comprehensively manage the entire business. As few as 35% of distributors use fundamental systems like warehouse management, while 43% do not use a procurement system – and only 23% say they have a solid accounting system in place. To support business growth, ERP for wholesale distribution is important. Distributors today face increasing global competition along with growing complexity of supply chains and trade regulations – with several operating using incomplete systems to support business growth and development. ERP is defined by Mint Jutras as ‘an integrated suite of modules that forms the operational and transactional system of your business.’

The Cost of Doing Nothing

It’s common among businesses to put off an analysis of systems and processes, in favour of “making do” with current systems. This can be detrimental to a company, with this costing businesses more in the long run. If you are using old, outdated technology that lacks the specialised functionality required for global distribution, or you can’t easily respond to changing business requirements, it could be time to analyse your current systems and processes. One of the main ways that a business can overcome these issues is by reviewing existing technology systems.

Review of Existing Systems

The best way to find out is to begin with analysing your current systems to find out how to maximise your employee productivity and streamline business logistics. We are offering a free review of your systems and processes, which involves:

  • A two hour consultation on premise or remotely.
  • Review of your existing systems, processes and documentation.
  • Using our 10-point audit checklist to identify areas of risk and opportunity.
  • A detailed report with recommendations to navigate cloud technology.

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